Nike Group, part of Accenture

Nike is the goddess of victory, supporting and rewarding athletes and heroes.

But within Hellenic mythology Nike accompanies and merges with Athena, goddess of wisdom and technical skills.

It is in this fusion that we find the heart of our identity.

We are enthusiasm, passion, and attitude towards excellence, supported by expertise, best practices and innovative technologies. Just like Athena supports Nike in her hand.

For more than 20 years we’ve been working for the quality and efficiency of our customers’ business and control models.

Because the success and safety of our customers is where our victory lies

Our Values

Service Culture
Act to improve Nike for future generations and assist with the professional development of individuals

The Best of Competence
Develop the best of competence to ensure the company’s edge in the competetive market, both in terms of individuals and teams

Value Creation
Assist clients to improve their processes and create long term relations by delivering contant value

Respect Individuals

Enhance diversity and the contribution that each person brings to the company by encouraging a working environment based on trust, transaprency and respect for individuals


Business, technologies and rules are revolutionizing the industrial and financial world.

Digitalization of business models together with technological innovation will lead to profound transformations in internal control systems, administrative processes as well as the skills and tools required to manage the same.

Cyber ​​Risk and ICT Risk will become the new challenge that our customers will have to face, to ensure sustainability of their business.

Revenue contraction, competition from new players, an increasingly demanding client base, that pay greater attention to the solidity of financial institutions will require our customers to seek innovative solutions to reduce the costs of processes and control.


Carlo Giaj levra 1

Carlo Giaj Levra

Chief Executive Officer
Roberto garnero

Roberto Garnero

Chief Financial Officer - Head of Consulting & Solutions
davide vignotti 1

Davide Vignotti

Chief Operating Officer
nicoletta scano 1

Nicoletta Scano

Head of Regulatory Services
Carlo Brezigia 1

Carlo Brezigia

Head of Security & Innovation
silvia trezzi 1

Silvia Trezzi

Senior Manager
dario 1

Dario Paparella

Senior Manager
Corciulo ritratto 3

Luca Corciulo

Senior Manager


Nike Group in a nutshell

Our Figures


Years of experience in Internal Governance systems


Clients, including Banks, Financial firms, Insurance, Large Corporates & Public Institutions


Specialized Business lines


Partnerships with Universities, Trade Associations, Research & Development Companies and Regtechs


Million invested in Regtech transformation




Regulatory newsmakers monitored daily


Regulatory areas handled